Adjustable Dumbbells

What Are Adjustable Dumbbells and What Are Their Benefits?

More and more people are looking to buy home out equipment thanks to gyms around the world being closed. One of the pieces of equipment that is very versatile and that serves many purposes is adjustable dumbbells, also referred to as compact dumbbells. Traditionally, when you buy a set of dumbbells, you have to buy various dumbbells in different weights. Compact dumbbells are very different. Read on to learn more information about what adjustable or compact dumbbells are and what their benefits are.

Adjustable dumbbells or compact dumbbells is a single set of dumbbells whose weight can be adjusted. The amount of weight that it can vary between from set to set, but many range from about 5 pounds to 50 pounds, allowing you to adjust in 2.5 pound to five pound intervals. Anytime you are looking to buy this type of dumbbell set, it is important to see what the pound range is. The major benefit associated with adjustable dumbbells is that you only have one set of dumbbells, instead of the traditional set-up of multiple sets in different weights. This takes up less space in a room and makes it easy to have a home workout set up in small spaces.

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