Can You Lose Weight by Working Out at Home?

Here at BWSS Fit, we fully advocate exercising at home...

Whilst gyms and sports venues definitely have their place, having everything you need to successfully work out from home. will help not only with weight management and achieving your fitness goals, it will help with motivation and finding the right time to exercise.

That’s why we developed our range of adjustable dumbbells, workout benches and resistance bands, so that you can create the full gym experience at home.

What’s more, they’re all designed to save space, whilst not scrimping on quality..

Meaning that you don’t even need to allocate a designated space for working out at home. Simply pull out your compact BWSS Fit equipment and away you go!

BWSS Benefits of Home Workout...

We developed our kit because a major issue many people have with their gym membership is finding the time and motivation to go.

Sometimes the gym might be a long drive away, or it’s too dark to walk there...

Other times, it’s not even open during the hours, such as very early morning or late at night, that suit us best for exercising. So really, the answer has always been to work out at home, whatever our goals. And if weight loss is our goal, then there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t achieve that by exercising at home!

After all, our diets and the food we eat are all created at home (bar the odd takeaway or meal out) so why not our fitness too?

The BWSS Fit Top Tips for Working Out at Home to Lose Weight...

  • Dedicate time each week to exercise by actually planning for it in your dairy. Choose the time that suits you best and plan in at least three half hour sessions per week. If you know you’re more energetic in the morning, plan for morning sessions, even if that means getting up slightly earlier. If an evening workout works better for you, then make sure you work it in around your evening meal and sleep. Exercising straight after food can be uncomfortable and exercising directly before bed can mean that you’re too pumped up to sleep.

  • Always have your exercise gear to hand so that you can’t make excuses. This might mean getting your gym shoes and clothes ready for the morning before you go to bed, or having them ready for when you finish work. Your BWSS Fit adjustable weights and other kit should always be readily accessible too.

  • Aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping is great for burning fat and calories and losing weight. So make sure you’re putting aside time for exercises such as jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers and burpees. You can also use a box such as the BWSS Box to perform jumping lunges and step ups. Brisk walking and jogging outside can also help you to mix up your regime so that you don’t get bored and you stay motivated.

  • Fat burning, aerobic exercises are important for weight loss, but don’t neglect strength building, resistance exercise. Performing exercises with weights and resistance bands helps you to build muscle and develop a stronger, leaner physique.

  • Never underestimate the power of stretching. Stretching exercises, such as those performed during an online yoga class helps with recovery and stability, both helping to minimize your risk of sustaining an injury that will set you back. Yoga and stretching also helps to elongate the muscles and improve your posture and balance, which are all essential parts to a weight loss workout routine.

Best of luck, we’re fully behind you!


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