How To Build Muscle At Home

Updated: Feb 11

· Introduction To Building Muscle

· Can I Build Muscle At Home

· How to Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment

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Introduction To Building Muscle

Muscles are made up of bundles of muscle fibres. Genetically, some people will have more muscle fibres than others, that’s why you will often hear “he’s just a natural” or, “he’s genetically gifted”.

You cannot change the amount of muscle fibres in your muscles. However, through resistance training you can increase the size and strength of these fibres.

During childhood and adolescence muscle fibres will naturally increase in size and strength. However, this natural growth will diminish with age up until the point of reversal when muscle fibres will gradually reduce in size and strength.

Resistance training promotes the growth in both the strength and size of muscle fibres.*

When you place muscles under stress (resistance), the body responds by pumping blood to the muscle to assist in dealing with the increased stress, this results in the muscles fibres being very slightly torn (not to be confused with a torn muscle).

Imagine a balloon, as you blow the balloon up the internal air forces the external membrane to swell, when you let the air out the balloon deflates, but it will never return to the same state, the outer layer has been slightly stretched and will be slightly larger than before.

The same occurs when the blood is pumped into the muscles, like the outer layer of the balloon, the muscles fibres are stretched (or torn), and do not return to their original size, the body then works to repair this tear, resulting in the repaired muscle being slightly tougher, bigger and stronger.

This process happens on a miniscule level and needs to be repeated hundreds of times before becoming visible to the naked eye.

There are 3 primary factors involved in the process:

- Resistance Training

- Nutrition

- Rest

Muscles need to be constantly subjected to stress in order to help them grow. Once a muscle is capable of handling the resistance imposed upon it, it is no longer put under stress, the body does not need to pump additional blood to the muscle, therefore the muscle does not tear, and grow back stronger.

“Muscles Need Increased Stress To Grow”

Therefore, it is imperative that each time the muscle is worked, it is put under stress, this is achieved by constantly increasing the weight used within the resistance training to continually increase the stress applied.

In order for the muscle to grow back stronger the body needs to be fed with the correct nutrients for it to repair itself. The building blocks of muscle are protein. It is important to have a well balance, nutritious, high protein diet, with sufficient calories to provide the energy for your daily activities, training and repair.

Rest, often overlooked this is as important as both training and nutrition. Remember, you are tearing your muscle fibres, they are repairing, growing back larger and stronger, this takes time, and therefore rest.

The same as when you graze your skin, a scab will form, below which new skin will grow (often tougher and harder than before), you need to allow this skin to grow and for the scab to fall off naturally. If the graze is subject to abrasion prematurely it will not have time to grow back and will remain damaged.

The same is true with your training, adequate rest is essential between sessions.

“Adequate rest is essential between sessions”

*Intensity and rep range will define whether it is primarily size/strength gains that are achieved, however there is a direct correlation between both.

Can I Build Muscle At Home

In short… Yes, you can build muscle at home!

“Yes, You Can Build Muscle At Home”

But… As always there is a caveat! As per our introduction it is essential to;

a) Put the muscle under stress

b) Keep increasing this stress over time

Therefore, in order to build muscle at home you will need a means by which to put your body under increased stress (as frequently as small increments weekly).

Although it is possible to increase reps as a method of increasing stress, the key rep range to build muscle is 8-12 reps.

“Optimal Rep Range For Building Muscle is 8-12 Reps”

Lifting weights that are too heavy and only hitting 4-6 reps can help improve strength but isn’t optimal for building muscle.

Likewise, not lifting enough and hitting the 12-15 rep range can help with toning and endurance, but again is not optimal for building muscle mass.

How to Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment

Building Muscle at home without any equipment at all can be very challenging.

Calisthenics are a fantastic way of getting in shape, maintaining and toning muscle. But, are not necessarily the most effective method of building muscle mass.

As we have explained in this article the key to muscle growth is increasing resistance gradually, in small increments, continually, over a long period of time.

Therefore, doing this at home will require some ingenuity or improvisation!

Core calisthenic exercises can be made easier or harder with the addition of support or added weight.

However, please be extremely careful, using rocks, chairs, tables etc. as make shift gyms almost always results in injury.

The question you should really be posing is;

“What is the absolute minimum amount of equipment I can use to successfully build muscle at home?”

We mentioned that Calistenics is a great way of creating a whole body workout at home, however the downside is that it lacks the ability to gradually increase resistance over time.

The solution: BWSS Resistance Bands

An extremely low cost option that enables various levels of increase resistance (or support) that enables a full range of calisthenics exercises to be performed within the 8-12 rep range we are looking to achieve.

Please feel free to review the product link for more information, BWSS Fit Resistance Bands.

Home Workout Equipment

The Essentials:

BWSS Adjustable Dumbbells – Select the relevant option from Mini, 2.0 or Pro depending on your current level and goals.

Mini .Dumbbell :

2.0 Dumbbell:

Pro Dumbbell:

BWSS Bench – A must to ensure proper form when exercising, allowing a variety of different exercises as well as injury prevention.

BWSS Resistance Bands – Incorporate resistance enhanced calisthenics within your routine for a complete full body workout.

Workout Plan

We offer full workout plans for training at home, these can be found under the training section of our site. We have teamed up with the app FitBod for these programs.

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