How to Get Motivated for Your Home Workouts!

If you know that having a gym membership doesn’t really work for you, then we hear you. So many people waste money on signing up to a gym because they simply don’t use it enough, or at all. It might be too far away, not open when we want it to be or it’s just too overwhelming or daunting.

(Congratulations for owning it, and admitting that signing up to an expensive monthly commitment is only going to serve to make you feel bad!)

So, what’s the alternative, when you want to get fit, stay fit or change your body composition to lose weight or bulk up? Working out from home, of course! With more and more of us ditching the gym in favour of exercising off our own backs, sales of home workout equipment, such as the BWSS Box Home Gym, are on the up.

But how do you stay motivated to exercise at home? Here’s the BWSS Fit top tips…

Getting Your Exercise Area Organized...

A lot of home workout motivation lists have the most annoying and unrealistic tip at the top, so we’ll start there too – designating your workout space. The problem for the vast majority of us though, is that we don’t have a spare room or extra space to commit to housing our workout area. Small houses and apartments simply don’t have the floorspace.

So, what you need, is the right equipment, rather than the right space...

That’s where BWSS Fit can revolutionize your home workouts. Our range of adjustable dumbbells and resistance bands are perfect for both aerobic and resistance exercise, read more about how they work here. Pair them with the BWSS Box for the ultimate in home workouts, without the issue of workout and storage space.

No more does lifting weights from home have to mean untidy floors and cluttered small spaces littered with excess weights and equipment! Our high spec, beautifully designed exercise equipment is space saving during your workout and packs away neatly and compactly under the bed, behind the sofa or even in the corner of the room. In fact, the BWSS Box has been designed to look like part of the furniture.

All this, plus our equipment has been developed with even the most intense workouts in mind, so it’ll never let you down.

Having your gear sorted, organized and within easy reach means that the biggest hurdle is out of the way, but what about the rest?

Home Workout Motivational Tips

  • Keeping track of your progress using an app or a diary will help you keep you motivated no end. So take regular measurements of your waist, chest, upper arms and thighs (plus any other area you’re keeping an eye on) plus your weight, and track visible progress to keep you going.

  • Make a workout plan – and stick to it. Ideally, aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes, three to five times a week. Plan it all in at the beginning of the week by recording it in your diary or planner – you’ll be less likely to miss a date with yourself if you’ve written it down.

  • Choose realistic times to exercise that work for you – if you know you’re really not a morning person, plan to exercise at lunchtime if you work from home, or in the evenings, after work.

  • If you’re drained and unmotivated, think back to how good you felt after you exercised last time. It felt good, right? That was all down to endorphins – the feel-good chemicals that are released after exercise. If we could bottle that feeling, we would. Until then, take a moment to notice how good you feel next time you exercise and memory bank it for next time you’re struggling to find the physical or mental energy to exercise. You have our promise that it’ll work!


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