BWSS Adjustable Dumbbell Mini Set

BWSS Adjustable Dumbbell Mini Set


The BWSS dumbbells Mini are the perfect compact solution for any workout. Our beautiful adjustable & compact dumbbell system will help you tighten and tone from the comfort of home. The Mini is great for aerobic workouts. You can switch between weights in a split second. Easily stored or hidden this dumbbell set can turn any space into a complete home gym.


Choose between: 2 25lb Dumbbells ranging from 5lbs -25lbs per hand- 5lbs- 10lbs- 15lbs- 20lbs- 25lbs


2 12.5 Dumbbells ranging from 2.5lbs - 12.5 lbs per hand


This comes as a set of 2 adjustable dumbbells.

  • Wide Weight Range

    Quiet Workouts

    Durable molding around metal plates provides for a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts.

    With the wide weight range you can do heavy exercises and target every muscle in the body.


BWSS Bench


A multi adjustment workout bench that can be folded and hidden away.​

  • 6 Levels of adjustment

  • Easily Hidden

  • 465 lb Load Capacity

BWSS Bands


Versatile light weight premium bands.​

  • 100lbs of Resistance

  • 2 Ankle Straps

  • 2 Handles

  • 1 Doorstopper

  • 1 Carrying Case

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